Cardiff Half Mental Marathon

The Cardiff half marathon is one of the most anticipated races of the year. Thousands come to the city of Cardiff to run 13 Miles. All from various ages, spread across all different country’s. A huge occasion for first time runners, PB chasers and the elite athletes of course. The atmosphere around the city got […]

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The Treadmill Trooper

The gym is a very strange environment to be in, so many people trying to achieve different goals. Many there to lose weight, build muscle, get leaner, socialize, improve cardio, and just improve all round fitness. It’s amazing to see so many different types of people, older, younger, men and women. Friends working to together, […]

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Why don’t you just run

Running is quite a hard thing isn’t it? Not when your actually running, but going to perform the task it can be daunting. The fear of what ifs normally take over. You look outside and it’s pouring of rain, it’s freezing, it’s dark. There’s loads of people outside they may see me, they may laugh. […]

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Week 35

Must remember to do these…… Training has definitely improved, running has improved. Consistency is slowly creating, as I am creature of habit I do love a good routine. Last week I was able to run my first 50+ mile week. It was tough, lots of long days at work followed by miles and miles on […]

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Week 32

Been a while…. Back in July I ran the Tenby marathon, this however I totally underestimated the race. Didn’t train enough and crammed to much in leading up to it. Within three weeks I had completed the Welsh Three Peaks, Swansea half marathon and the Tenby marathon. The Tenby marathon took it all out of […]

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The Tenby Marathon

The Tenby marathon is one of the hardest courses around. The incline and hills are insane. The marathon is also part of the long course weekend, something many athletes compete in. The event takes place over 3 days and involves, swimming, cycling and running. Thankfully I was only running the Tenby marathon, but that in […]

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Week 28

A little later than normal, but here we are. This week I got up to a lot after the Welsh Three Peaks, I’ve had great feedback from that blog and more from others. Beachfit was fun on Monday, we had a few new members was nice to see some new faces. Looking forward to seeing […]

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Tomorrow I will run my second marathon of the year, The Tenby marathon. I’m a little nervous over this one. Tomorrow’s marathon will be a real test, something to seriously push myself and see how far I have come fitness wise. This year I have ran the Llanelli half marathon, Swansea half marathon, Sospan 10k […]

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Welsh Three Peaks

I’ve been looking forward for the Welsh three peaks for the last few months. A great challenge, climbing Snowdon, Cadair Idris, and Pen Y Fan all in two days. Equipment list was more than normal, especially the food. Three mountains would need extra food and snacks. Also plenty of water, got to stay hydrated. A […]

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Week 27

It was amazing to see the mass amount of support from the Swansea half marathon and hitting my first sub 2:00:00. My blog was shared on the Swansea half marathon page. I received so much great feedback of people. Following that I had a great recovery run with my father we smashed a nice easy […]

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