Week 35

Must remember to do these…… Training has definitely improved, running has improved. Consistency is slowly creating, as I am creature of habit I do love a good routine. Last week I was able to run my first 50+ mile week. It was tough, lots of long days at work followed by miles and miles on […]

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Running your first marathon

So you want to run your first marathon. Maybe your thinking of signing up to one. Or you may have signed up already and wondering what to expect. Yesterday I ran my first marathon. Was an amazing experience. Great day and I prepared well. I like the little details. I’m one of those over thinkers. […]

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Week 18

This week has been a real mixture of emotion. Went to my usual beachfit session. That was really tough. I managed to cram in a hard 18 miler. I struggled at the dreaded wall again. After many reflection I decided I’m not gonna let the wall hit me again. I’m gonna stay strong. Keep focused, […]

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Week 17……..

This week I only managed a measly 16 miles and it was extremely difficult.  I attended a beachfit session on the Monday and that was seriously tough. Was all over body work out. I was still stiff on the Wednesday. Wednesday came and I decided I have to do 20 miles. I started and omg […]

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Week 15…..

This week has been my best weekly mileage to date solid 30 miles. 10 mile before work on the Saturday with the brand new bag. Worked really well took plenty of gels and water. The next was my first 20 miler. Really tough. Struggled to do it all without stopping yet. 4 weeks to go […]

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I love running with music. I love having the joy and excitement of picking a playlist for your run. I also love trying to work out how long your gonna run for then match it be the amount of music. My favourite song at the moment to run to is the kasabian track ‘you’re in […]

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Week 13………

This week things started to fall back in to place. Had a great 3 mile run before beachfit. Then did a beachfit session. Was really hard after having 2 weeks off. I was aching for days after it. I finally recieved the Solomon 12l hydration bag in the right size after ordering the wrong size. […]

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