Week 32

Been a while….

Back in July I ran the Tenby marathon, this however I totally underestimated the race. Didn’t train enough and crammed to much in leading up to it. Within three weeks I had completed the Welsh Three Peaks, Swansea half marathon and the Tenby marathon.

The Tenby marathon took it all out of me, had a few weeks off and struggled to get back in to it, now I’m back in the groove.

This week started uping the mileage more and more. I managed to sign up back to the gym. Looking at my food better, mixing up treadmill running, incline walking, incline running and outdoor running. Also incorporating swimming. And a pair of new trainers.

This week managed to build up a weekly mileage of 35.5. Fifteen miles off from where I need to be, so will gradually build increase this.

Today was a tough run, felt my legs tiring and overdone it. Decided to listen to them and stopped. Planned on running longer, got dissapointed but realised how much I’ve done this week and that I should listen to my body.
Will take a rest day tomorrow and then back on it.

Keep an eye out many blogs coming soon…


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