Week 28

A little later than normal, but here we are. This week I got up to a lot after the Welsh Three Peaks, I’ve had great feedback from that blog and more from others.

Beachfit was fun on Monday, we had a few new members was nice to see some new faces. Looking forward to seeing more of them. It’s a great and welcoming community.

Loads of us managed to ran 5 miles together outside of beachfit. Always love it when we do stuff like this. For many of them it was the furthest they have ever run. Proud them as always.

Following on from that, it was the fitness test at beachfit. I managed to take off 20 seconds off my time running around the dock. 

The next day I squeezed in a quick 2 miler, made sure I ran easy and light, tapering down for the marathon Sunday.

Sunday came, omg I was nervous. It was the Tenby marathon, this would be one of the most difficult things I will ever do. It was solid, 26 miles of hills, no flat and blistering heat. Managed to finish it 5:56:25 a tough experience.

Weekly mileage 33.9


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