Welsh Three Peaks

I’ve been looking forward for the Welsh three peaks for the last few months. A great challenge, climbing Snowdon, Cadair Idris, and Pen Y Fan all in two days.

Equipment list was more than normal, especially the food. Three mountains would need extra food and snacks. Also plenty of water, got to stay hydrated.

A good crowd from Gi Joe’s came. We all met up, there was so much excitement on everyone’s face. I myself could not wait. One by one more of the guys turned up at the gym. All full of smiles, all looking forward to a great weekend.

The bus up wasn’t to bad. As soon as we stopped at Snowdon, it was time to get the kit together and time to start the challenge. The weather was beautiful, but we knew it was soon set to turn.

The higher we got the more the conditions were changing, there was a slight chill in the air. All of a sudden the clouds covered the mountain completely. Visibility was very limited, then the rain descended. 

None of that stopped any of us though, we all had the right equipment. The instructors with us were amazing, we all had a positive attitude about it. Nothing would stand in our way. All of us were determined to conquer snowdon, and tick the first one on the list. 

We smashed it. Especially battling the weather. Now to get some nice food inside us, change of clothing and some rest. Busy day tomorrow.

Now day two was going to a tough challenge. First Cadair Idris then Pen Y Fan, with a long journey in between.

When we stopped off at Cadair Idris the weather was stunning. Not a cloud at all. Plenty of sunscreen needed, going to be a hot one. Plenty of tshirt tans about.

Cadair Idris is a steep climb. It is also the most beautiful mountain I think. It’s definitely my favourite, it’s so green and peaceful. Snowdon and Pen Y Fan can be very crowded and busy at times. Where as cadair idris is so quiet. You have a good chance to take your time and take it all in.

With the weather being so nice we stopped off and had a picnic at the top. Such good fun. Chance to soak up the atmosphere and sights. 

Time to get down, many legs starting to tighten up now and a few dodgy knees. None of that was going to get in the way though. There was another mountain to go. 

When we got to bus we made sure we all stretched out. One more mountain to go. We can smash it. Not long to go now.

Pen Y Fan was lovely when we arrived. It was in the evening, so lovely and quiet. We were the only ones up there at one point. Lovely climb knowing it was the last one, and that it was almost over. 

We made it, So much celebration in the air. An amazing challenge, a tough but enjoyable one. I felt so proud to have achieved it and to spend it with an amazing group of people. The weekend was a great experience. Many people had their own goals, improve fitness and raise money for charity. 

Well done to everyone who achieved all this and thank you to The Mountain Guys for an amazing weekend.


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