Week 27

It was amazing to see the mass amount of support from the Swansea half marathon and hitting my first sub 2:00:00. My blog was shared on the Swansea half marathon page. I received so much great feedback of people.

Following that I had a great recovery run with my father we smashed a nice easy 6 mile together. Weather was amazing as well. 

This month I challenged myself to reach a 100 miles in a month, this was a hard task. I had so many long runs after work just to squeeze them in. 

I had to do 28 miles in 3 days in the end which I completed. Finished it off with a 15 mile run on the Friday. 

The weekend I had an amazing time, I completed the Welsh three peaks challenge over two days. This was all with The Mountain Guys. Was a great bunch of people and a well organised trip.

Snowdon was a tough climb as it hammered down with rain. So visbibilty was tough. Cadair Idris was by far my favourite time. Beautiful weather, great atmosphere. Pen y fan was awesome too.

Smashed the miles this week. The mileage is starting to get a lot easier. I can feel my fitness levels getting better with everyone run and Beachfit session.

Weekly mileage : 47.77


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