Week 26

We had Great weather in the last week. We had some extremely hot days. So hot it was even hard to run. So in this kind of temperature you have to choose the time you run wisely. I managed to go really early Monday morning, and even then I struggled to run 3 miles.

Wednesday was a great session at beachfit, lovely weather. Was a great way to spend the afternoon for a session. There were a few new people which is always nice to see. 

Then followed it off by a nice 7 miler. Loving the new shoes at the moment. They are so comfy, asics certainly know how to make a running trainer.
Friday were my last few runs before the Swansea half marathon. Great 5 miler split before and after beachfit as well as an awsome beachfit session. The hardest session I have been to since I have joined.

Sunday was the main event. The Swansea half marathon. I had set myself a goal of a sub 2:00:00. All week I’ve been pushing the pace, panicking and worrying. Will I get it?, am I fast enough?. I succeeded, 1:57:58 so pleased. Worked so hard, amazing day. 

Weekly mileage : 27.8 miles


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