Race For Life Llanelli

Race for life is an amazing race, it is set up in aid of raising funds for various forms of cancer. Every year many veterans continue to race and raise money. Many sign up just for the chance to raise funds towards charities in aid of previous family members.

Although there are many who set out to achieve a goal like walk a 5k, run their first 5k and a 10k. Loads will do them alone, with clubs, co workers or running clubs.

A few of my friends from Gi Joe’s Beachfit were running. They have been training hard for the past few weeks. Both had signed up to run the 5k and then decided to push it even further and go for the 10k. So I decided to go down and support them.

When I walked down to the Festival Fields all I could see was a huge wave of pink. As I got closer and closer, there were thousands of women and kids dressed up. Everyone looked awesome, so many people with pink tops and messages on the back to show who their running for.

You could see the huge excitement in their eyes. They have been training and raising money for months and ready to run possibly their first 5k or 10k.

I made my way to the starting line to see them all line up. Was a weird experience spectating for a change. Few weeks ago I was in that very starting line, so I know what feelings they are going through. The nerves, the worries and how that all stops as soon as they past the line.

They were all split into sections so Runners first and then the walkers behind. A huge mix of ages as well, the kids costumes were awesome might I add.

My friends were all running strong they made it to the turn around point, not long left now for them. Weather was an odd one, really warm, raining then extremely windy. Some of them might find it difficult.

As they were making their way towards the 10k track, many of the 5ks started coming in. All of them so proud and so they should be, they worked extremely hard.

The walkers were coming in too many with crutches, children and older aged. There was this little girl, she had both legs plastered up and she walked past the finish line. It was an amazing moment, so much cheers and positivity for her.

My friends came in then both finishing very strong, they had paired up and ran together. They did extremely well and should be proud.

An amazing day, guaranteed there would be thousands raised towards various charities. Also many goals and personal bests achieved. Well done all of you.


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