Week 24

Last Sunday a few of us went down to Rhossili bay. My first time down there, was totally awesome. There was a good crowd of us from Gi Joe’s, managed to get to know more people and take some awesome pictures. Lovely day.

This was then followed by Making all three beachfit sessions in a week, first time I’ve done that in months. The Monday and Wednesday session was horrendous, terrible weather. None of that stopped any of us, we all powered through it all. Then I was amazed when I got home and looked on Facebook and found that I was voted ninja of the month. So pleased with myself and very thankful for everyone that voted.

In this week I managed to run with more people doing the 100 mile challenge. I was super pleased for Mel and Elin. They managed to run their furthest distance 5 miles, Well done.

Then came the park run on the Saturday, great turn out again for Gi Joe’s Runners. Especially Michaela and Jade, it was there first park run and they loved it. The weather was terrible and they smashed it in great times as well.

Then it was on to the race for life. Elin and Victoria from beachfit were running the 10k so I went down to support them. They nailed it, just over an hour. Great times, the atmosphere was electric. So much pink and all for a great cause, there were so many awesome story’s and runners. The best moment was when a family of 3 were running. There was a little girl with them who had plates and all her legs were strapped up. She made it all the way to the finish line, a remarkable effort. 

And to finish it off I had another selfie from the man himself, Keith. Great turn out for his Llanelli selfie. Well done Keith, nearly there.

Weekly mileage : 16.39


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