Week 23

Another great week once again. Managed to make two beachfit sessions this week. Mondays was an awesome one. We were in the sospan and was a new variation on a ton up. Great fun and there was a huge buzz around the 100 mile challenge coming up soon.

Thought I could go for an easy run on the Tuesday. No chance. Went for 6 miles, ended on 3.5. After the ton up everything was stiff, could tell I worked hard. 

Wednesday’s then was my favourite. Was a beautiful day for beachfit and what made super special was that we had our 100 mile challenge medals. Was a great buzz and for those taking part in the next one, they got a chance to see how great the medals are. 

The session itself was fantastic, we had a great mixture of legs and stomach exercises to strengthen the core.

Saturday was the park run. I’ve gotten slightly addicted to the park run. It’s very competitive and fun at the same time. Our club had a few new first timers to park run. They all loved it, hoping more will come next week. The more Gi Joe’s Runners the better. 

A load of us went to rhossili bay for the Sunday for a lovely family walk that Gi Joe sets up. Was my first time down there. I loved it. Great family atmosphere, was so fun. I would love to go there again. Plus managed to take a few cool pictures. 

Weekly mileage : 6.56


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