Manic May

May has been an extraordinary month for myself. Looking back now it’s mad all that I made possible, so many goals ticked off.

Firstly I managed to run my first ever marathon. Was an amazing experience. I felt amazing throughout, training really paid off. Great support from all my family, friends and even strangers. Weather was amazing. Met so many cool people, first marathoners and lots raising money for so many charity’s. Was a great way to raise more money for NSPCC.

I wrote a blog about the Great Welsh Marathon experience. One of my proudest pieces. The Views, comments and likes have been so overwhelming. Nearly 100 views so far.

A week later I climbed one of the hardest mountains in the Welsh three peaks, Cadair Idris. This was all set up by The Mountain Guys. Was an amazing trip and great experience. Really tough climb, very steep. My favourite mountain so far. So beautiful and was amazing fun.

In may I did something different, I decided to do an interview with a good friend of mine. Keith Thomas, an amazing story to tell and on an epic fundraising challenge. A truly inspiring man, who many can learn a lot from. Someone who has been through a so much and come out smiling. A great story to share with everyone.

There was also the 100 mile challenge with the Beachfit guys. Me, Vic, Lisa and Rhian, created a team and shared the 100 miles between us. We smashed it with well over a week to go. We all managed to fit a few miles inbetween busy lifestyles, as well as loads of team runs. A great achievement, espicially when we worked so hard as a team. This has now transpired into an epic 100 mile team challenge for June.

Since I started running, I have followed so many people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. One person in particular, The Ginger Runner. A remarkable and inspiring guy, I’ve learned so much just by watching his videos and blogs. Anyone wanting to take up running or get more motivated check him out. I was amazed when I messaged him and received a reply. Not only just a reply, actual advice and help. Super pleased.

I then ran my first park run. I loved it, I managed to achieve a PB for a 5k. Really pleased and now aiming to beat that. Starting to love the park run, it’s so much fun and very competitive. Many from beachfit have started running it to. Each of them setting there own goals. We even have our own club now the ‘Gi Joe’s Runners’. This is now the highlight of my week. A great way as well to meet many of the running community.

Throughout all of may I have managed to fit in as many Beachfit sessions as I possibly could. These guys have a huge positive influence on me. They all make as many sessions as possible, in all weather. These guys work there socks off and could challenge anyone.

The team spirit is very high. Since I set up the 100 mile challenge I’ve seen so many go running together, many helping others with tips and advice. All having fun pushing themselves to achieve a goal. Throughout all my challenges everyone has been so supportive which has been amazing. To top this all off, I was amazed to find out I was voted ninja of the month. What an amazing month to win it in as well. Was totally overwhelmed that so many voted for me. Thanks guys.

Here’s to many more months of epic stuff.


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