Week 22

This week has been another awesome week. Firstly I had some great advice from the ginger runner. Was amazing and humbling to not only ask a question but also a reply from him.

I then met up with Keith Thomas. A good friend of mine who is up for an award for his charity work and fundraising in the llanelli star community awards. This guy is very inspiring. I featured him in one of my new ventures or blogs would you say. 

The very same day I ran with a few girls from beachfit. Our dudes and boobs team. We have been challenging to run 100 miles between us for May. With that run (3 miles) we were able to smash it. We nailed it with a week to go, so proud. Can’t wait to give the medals out.

The Saturday I ran my first park run. I absouletly loved it. Can’t wait to go next week. I knew a few who run it and we decided to get a team together Gi Joe’s Runners. I also did my first PB for 5k 25 minutes. Looking forward to trying to beat that next week. 

This week I have also set up an epic challenge with the beachfit group. A 100 mile challenge, but with teams up against eachother, it’s going to be epic.

Weekly mileage : 6.10


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