Cadair idris

Didn’t get much sleep, will it rain or not? Can I do it? That’s what was going through my head all morning and night. You know that feeling when you wake up and you know it’s going to be a good day. I didn’t get that. I was actually quite nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.

Many people have implied that it’s a tough mountain to climb. The hardest out of the Welsh three peaks. So I was slightly uneasy to start with, Plus the fact it may rain. I was starting to accept that it would be a very tough day!

I made sure I had all my equipment. More than likely we were gonna need it. I had my usual walking boots, anti blister socks, moisture wicking top, waterproof jacket and trousers. Plenty of food and snacks. I also brought with me a second bag for change of clothes, so I had fresh dry clothes to change in to for the journey home.

As we got to the bus. Everyone feeling the time of day. Especially myself been a long week and restless night. We set off. As soon as the engine started, it rained!

As we started to get closer and closer to cadair idris. The weather started to brighten up and look more calmer. When we got to Cadair idris. It was lovely. Complete surprise from where we were at in Llanelli. Our hopes starting to get bigger. We couldn’t of asked for better weather.

We all had a thorough equipment check. Making sure we had at least 2 litres of water, fleece, waterproofs and that we have waterproofed our gear. At this point there were a few nerves but mainly excitement.

The start of the mountain is really steep. It’s literally steps all the way up for nearly a mile. You also get very warm at this point. There’s a lovely stream passing you by and huge amounts of fresh fields in and around the mountains. With the trees and grass around you, makes you feel like your in someone’s back garden.

As we got to the stair gate. We knew we were almost there. At which point you realise you are in the clouds, You see them flying past you. The weather starts to drop slightly at this point, So you wrap up nice and warm. You look over and you are so high up it’s unreal.

We were in such high spirits everyone laughing and joking, Really good company. It’s been a tough trek so far, but no one is even fazed. Everyone just constantly laughing and determined to make it to the top.

We made it to the top. Was a spectacular view. We all had a great time laughing, joking and having our lunch. Fuelling ourselves up for the steep descent down.

The descent down wasn’t to difficult, only just keeping your footing. The descent is killer for your calves a great work out. As I write this my calfs are still tight and stiff.

We made it down in one piece. Everyone with a huge grin on there faces. We just conquered Cadair Idris. An amazing feeling to have and stayed with us throughout the bus ride home, Everyone celebrating hugely.


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