Week 22

This week has been another awesome week. Firstly I had some great advice from the ginger runner. Was amazing and humbling to not only ask a question but also a reply from him. I then met up with Keith Thomas. A good friend of mine who is up for an award for his charity work […]

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Keith Thomas 

Keith Thomas is a powerhouse in his fundraising. He has literally been a one man band and raised nearly £2,000 so far. Keith has been nominated for an award in the fundraising section of the Llanelli star community award. I met up with Keith a few days ago. At Flanagans Cafe, down the Llanelli beach. […]

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Week 21

This week has been a really good week. I went for my first run since Cadair Idris.  I ran 7 miles, to loosen up the calves. They were still stiff from Cadair Idris. Felt amazing. Was my first run since the Great Welsh Marathon as well. Felt great. The following night I ran with a […]

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Week 20

So I had a little rest. I thought I take it easy cause I ran the great Welsh marathon on the Sunday and then immediately after I climbed Cadair Idris. Cadair Idris is the toughest mountain of the three peaks. Very steep incline. Was a great experience. I loved it. My favourite mountain of them […]

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Cadair idris

Didn’t get much sleep, will it rain or not? Can I do it? That’s what was going through my head all morning and night. You know that feeling when you wake up and you know it’s going to be a good day. I didn’t get that. I was actually quite nervous. I didn’t know what […]

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Week 19……

This is my best week to date. I had a great session at beachfit on the Monday. Before hand I ran 4 miles. Was a great session as well really nice weather. I then ran with my father. 5 miles really good day. Nice weather. He’s a great inspiration. My last run before the race […]

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Running your first marathon

So you want to run your first marathon. Maybe your thinking of signing up to one. Or you may have signed up already and wondering what to expect. Yesterday I ran my first marathon. Was an amazing experience. Great day and I prepared well. I like the little details. I’m one of those over thinkers. […]

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The Great Welsh marathon

The morning of the race I woke up so nervous. My stomach in twists and turns. After my weetabix, banana and coffee the feeling still remained. My first marathon. My stomach was still full of nerves and gut wretching feeling. As well as that I was over thinking every single aspect. Will it be too […]

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I CAN !!!!!

I CAN!!! I’m always the one that says I CAN’T I CAN’T do this. I CAN’T do that. I CAN’T join beachfit, I’m not fit enough. I CAN’T run a marathon. I CAN’T sign up to that challenge, I’m not ready. I CAN’T do any big challenges, oh I CAN’T do that. All by doubting myself […]

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Week 18

This week has been a real mixture of emotion. Went to my usual beachfit session. That was really tough. I managed to cram in a hard 18 miler. I struggled at the dreaded wall again. After many reflection I decided I’m not gonna let the wall hit me again. I’m gonna stay strong. Keep focused, […]

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