The views were amazing. I’ve never seen so much blue sky and stunning water. So clear. Crystal in fact. I’ve heard about Snowdon many times, and you totally underestimate how gorgeous it is. Especially in Wales we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep.

I packed my kit together. Making sure I had everything. I brought my Waterproof trousers, fleece, mini first aid kit, hats and gloves, 2 litres of water and plenty of food and snacks. I wore my walking trousers, anti blister socks, walking boots, moisture sickening top, base layer top and waterproof jacket.

    • We set off Fairly early around about 6ish wasn’t to bad still relatively cold. The sky was starting to brighten up. You just knew it was going to be a great day. Everyone was in high spirits, laughing and smiling.

      The bus journey was long, few hours or so. With the great company and the excitement the time flew by.

      When we got there it was beautiful. In no time we set off. We started on this pathway where we went over this lake. Everyone was stopping to take endless photographs.

      At this point we were informed by the instructors to take layers off. “This path will start to get warm really quickly” as I heard this i started to take my windproof jacket and base layer off.
      This stretch went on for a while. As you started walking it did really start to get warm fairly quick.

      This pathway wasn’t to difficult. Went slowly and gradually up hill.

      The path started to get more steeper and more rockier. The rocks were starting to get narrower and loser. Many times you put your foot down and rocks were moving down the hill. There were many others walking up. All patient and weary of how dangerous it can be.
      As we were getting towards the top we saw this old man. He was going up on his birthday. He was 80. Yes 80 years old and at that point I was finding it slightly difficult. Then I swallowed my words instantly as I can’t complain at all.

      As we started to get near the train tracks it started to get cold seriously quick. We all started to put there fleeces, jackets, hats and gloves on.

      As we got to the top it we started to see more and more people. It was breathtaking. Hundreds of people on top of the highest point in Wales having picnics and snaps. This was an amazing atmosphere. We all had some fun and something to eat. After some beautiful sight seeing and many photos we headed off down the mountain.

      This I thought was tough. The trek up was steep. So coming down was going to be tougher. Few times you’d lose your footing and slip. The rocks were loose and wet in some parts.

      Everyone was supporting eachother and would help others over the rocks. We slowly made it down to path on the lower ground. At this point I think everyone was relieved that it was almost over. Was a great experience and that everyone had a sense of achivement.

      I would highly recommend everyone to go see for yourself.


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