RUN with it

Here’s a piece I did for The west Wales chronicle site. My first publishing spot.

RUN with it!!In two weeks I’ll be running my first marathon. I’ve been training for a long time and starting to see significant progress as well as many setbacks. The training has been tough. I’ve done many long runs, sprints and beachfit bodyweight exercises.

I do often struggling for motivation to do any sort of training. The beachfit sessions I go to has definitely helped me in this sense. I sometimes struggle mentally when I’m doing my long runs. I normally tend to ‘Hit the wall’ always around mile 16.
Running my first marathon would be an amazing achievement, seeing as only a year ago I started running. This would definitely push myself physically and mentally. Everyday it gets closer and closer. I also doubt myself a lot.
2 years ago I was a smoker. Could not even run a quarter of a mile. Last year after giving up smoking I started running and walking. I started very slowly building up the mileage. I ran my first half marathon later that year.

This year I have taken it a step further. I’m running 1622 miles all for NSPCC. I’m also running the Llanelli, Swansea, Cardiff half marathons as well as the great Welsh marathon and Tenby marathon.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is that anyone can take up running. Just like I did. I’ve ran many miles and seen different people on the track everyday. The running community is very supportive everyone is on hand to offer advice and tips. Last year I could barely run a mile now I’m running 26 miles in less than 2 weeks.
I would love to help and inspire at least one person. Just one. I would love someone to come up to me one day and say because of you I started running. There’s been many people over the years that have inspired me and wish I can do the same.


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