20 miles

20 miles. Very scary. This was to be my longest run to date. The most I ran before was 16 miles. 16 miles was tough in itself.

Since then I’ve done many 8, 10 miles and a few 13 miles. I got up and ate my breakfast. Packed my bag full of gels and water then headed out the door.

I started to head towards the beach. Weather was lovely. As I got closer to the beach the wind started to hit me.

‘Why is it always windy when I go for a run?’ I thought to myself over and over. For the first 4-5 miles it was really irritating me. The constant wind blowing in your face and also in my ears. Was so annoying and was getting really angry.

As I got towards the college and pwll, The wind started to get milder and the sun started to warm up. I hit the 5 mile mark. I felt really good was taking it nice and easy, trying to keep at a steady pace.

As I reached the burry port harbour the weather was perfect at this point. The wind had died down and the sun was full on. The views of the harbour were awesome. But unfortunately I couldn’t stop I was on a mission.

Headed towards pembrey. Went 20-30 minutes without seeing a single person. Lucky I had my music otherwise I would of gone crazy maybe.

10 miles. Now time to head back. At this point I was still really strong. I felt great, It was the halfway mark and thought to myself only another 10 miles to go.

Got back to the beach at mile 15. Now I was finding it tough. My thighs were stiffening. My ankles were getting tighter, and also my knees were stiffening. The weather also was extremely warm and the heat was getting to my slightly. Lucky I had plenty of water.

Mile 16 I felt good but not great, i ran it before so I knew how tough it can be. Also I could feel the improvement I have made.

Mile 17. Now I am struggling. Everything feels tight. I’m running out of energy. I was drained and it was boiling hot.

‘3 more miles that’s all’ I thought to myself. Sounded so easy, but was very difficult. I kept looking at my garmin and the distance would move very slowly.

Mentally it was hard. Every little thing was annoying me. The heat, having to move for people, having to stop at crossing, having to stop and then getting angry with myself for stopping.

This was by far the longest 30 minutes ever. I had to remain possitive as hard as it was to be. ‘I can do this’ over and over again. Singing to the music, just to take my mind off my legs. Concentrating on my feet, putting one in front of the other.

20 miles done. When I hit this I felt amazing. ‘YES!’ I screamed as a few dog walkers noticed awkwardly.

I gave myself about a mile and half left to walk it off and stetch my legs. This in itself was tough. Finding energy to walk was so hard.

I made it, got home and recieved a lot of support from friends and family. Was a great experience. Now need to work on getting 6 more miles in.


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