Pen y Fan

So yesterday was the start of the many mountain walks that I’ll be doing over the year. Pen y fan.
All week I was excited. Could not wait. But was also praying the weather would be nice. So I planned every item of clothing to take, what to wear etc.

Finally the day came. Opened the curtains and it was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. Just bright blue and the strong yellow sun. Thought to myself time to wear my brand new shades and of course the amazing bag.

Got picked up by Ryan, a fellow beachfitter. Great drive. The views were amazing, just pure grassy mountains and of course the banging tunes.

As we got there it was rammed. Proper rammed. Was so many groups of people all together. Took as while to finally meet up with the rest of the group.

Was nice to meet a few of the beachfit squad. As well as getting to know some of the pt clients and the others who will be doing the rest of the walks.

At this point you look up and the path is just covered in people. Looking like ants but hundreds and hundreds of ants.

As we walked up we seen so many different walks of life. There were many family’s all walking up together all in sync. The weather was boiling at this point.

As a few of us started walking up we looked behind us to see the rest of the group. We looked thinking we’re miles away. Nope just looked like a mile or two away. The walk was very deceiving.

The views on the way up were amazing. So green. You look around and there’s just so much variety of people. From Children to elderly people climbing up. And of course many dogs.

There were many groups doing it for various charity’s. Lots doing it as groups and loads of couples doing it for there first time etc.

As we got towards to the top. We stopped off for a little rest and waited to regroup with the others. All together supporting everyone. Making sure people had something to eat, checking how they were and making sure they had water.

We were about 5-10 minutes away from the top. Once we got on top we were shocked how busy it was. There was a 5-10 minute cue to take pictures of the pen y fan sign. I finally had a picture and then a great one of the whole group. My favourite picture I think of the day.

After a bit of food and chatting we headed off down the way we came. This time was even busier coming back. There were many people running up and down pen y fan. Crazy I know.

There was this one group which blew me away. There was two guys with harnesses on. They were pulling a man in a wheelchair up. You could just see the dedication and determination in his eyes.

We finally got down. Was amazing day. Weather was amazing, views were beautiful and company was great. Really enjoyed it can’t wait for the next one.


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