Fuck it……

It’s amazing how a split second decision can make your life better…

How many times have you thought about doing something and then didn’t because of the repercussions? Many

How many times have you stopped and thought of every different outcome? Many

We are always scared of the outcome wether it’s better or worse for us. (I’m like the worst at this)

We sometimes sign up to do challenges thinking fuck it I can do that. It normally ends up being an amazing experience and changes your life.

Today I made some decisions and I thought why not. If it’s bad you deal with it, if it’s good amazing things will happen.
I thought all day wether to go for a run one not. All day shall I shouldn’t I back and forth. Fuck it I thought, I went for a run. It was an amazing run pushed myself so hard and felt amazing.

I was even going to start my loop home and thought. Fuck it. I went a different route. Ran even further it felt amazing.

Sometimes we just need to say fuck it!


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