Off plan……

From the day I signed up to do these marathons I was on a plan I was in a routine. I knew what I was doing and when I was training.

After a lot of, well let’s say slow progress. I seem to be in a stew. I am at the point where in less than 6 weeks I will be running my first marathon. And I haven’t been running much recently, I haven’t had many long runs. Longest I’ve ran so far is 16 miles.

So I’ve redone the plan for the second marathon and rejigged it to fit in the first. This means a lot of hardwork though. Serious hardwork.

Now that I have a plan to stick to I’m in tune. Just goes to show prepare to plan, prepare to fail. Now I’m set it’s tough work onwards and out.

March has been a very small and let’s say pathetic month miles wise. Now let’s get back on it.


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