What I’ve found in the last few hours, Is how good fitness and exercise can be as a distraction.

Not necessary a bad distraction but a beneficial one. Last few days have been tough and tonight I went for a run only 3 miles but my mind was elsewhere.

I downloaded an audiobook for running so now every time I run I will listen to it. It worked really well. It totally distracted me from what I was doing and helped so much. Going to do it a lot now.

I also went to beachfit as well and that also took me mind of things. Was nice to have a laugh. Was nice to just have fun and exercise with others.

That’s all just an hour or two just to forget about everything and focus on doing pressups, running 4 miles, doing sit ups and of course burpees. Was a lovely day for it as well. The first session I’ve been to when it’s light. Was nice to see people and smiles.

There was even little kids there who were watching us exercise. I didn’t even care, I know I was shocked at that. Normally I would worry what they would say, would they take the piss. I did not care.

Although I have a lot on my mind anyways. I still didn’t let that get in the way of the class. It just amazes me how much exercising and pushing yourself changes things.


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