Motivation. I had to be motivated to even write this. Yes it’s taken a few days.

I suffer badly from not having motivation.

There’s been many days when I put things off. I get up ready for a run. Then I just sit there. Thinking what shall I do, when shall I do it.  Sooner than I know it, its to late.

Even today I put off running. Yes I know. Just even the thought of getting dressed was to much hardwork. Then I feel bad for not doing it. And then I feel bad for being behind schedule.

So I started researching in to it. Cause it’s not just the running it’s been the weight loss.

I also watched the amazing a decade on. A ginger runner film about the event of the western state 100 miler.

A story about Brian Morrison. Amazing story, an inspiring one. Even if your not a runner or ultra runner. It just inspires you to achieve your goals. And to overcome any obstacle.

I’ve been taking pictures every month and not seeing much progress. Very very little.

I am a creature of habit and routine. I’m not the kind of person who just does things on a whim. I need to change that. Once routine and habit is broken then I feel out of place and even confused.

1. First step is learn to overcome these obstacles. Long days at work. Go early in the morning. Go late at night. Just even a few miles.

2. The next step is review my goals. See which ones are the most important ones. I want a few things to do. I always get caught up in excitement etc. I tend to be ambitious person In theory but lazy in practice. 3 months in I have only completed a few.

3. The next thing is targets. I use to set myself targets and when I fulfilled them I felt good. The feeling of overcoming many obstacles and achieving the goal. Even if I was really close but didn’t achieve it then I would put in extra the next week.

4. Last step reward. I tend to reward myself for stupid stuff. I worked hard in work. Reward. Long day at work. Reward. Lost a pound. Reward. Made it through the week. Reward. So I’m gonna look at more critical rewards.

So with this in mind. Even writing this down, I already feel motivated. Amazing how putting a few words down makes you feel good. Now from Monday. New week, more motivated matt.


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