Llanelli half marathon…..


That’s all that was going through my mind.

It’s Sunday the 12th of march. The first of many challenges this year. The LLANELLI HALF MARATHON. Woke up early, had breakfast. Started to get nervous. Once I put the vest and clothes on. It changed to excitement. I couldn’t wait to race it.

Weather wasn’t to bad at the start was predicted to rain but held of from the start. Met a friend at the starting line. Vic from beachfit group that I go to.

Race starts. The 2,000 entrants start to run the huge race.

We started off comfortably well first 3 miles. The race wasn’t to bad the first hill on the new link road was tough to begin with. Running at great pace good felt really good.

Mile 4. Starts raining. Still good. Going strong.

Mile 5. We are on the pathway by the machynys golf course. Really tough route. Very narrow hundreds running on a tight path. Very muddy, mixture of rain, runners and mud. Very mad cocktail.

Mile 7. Down the dock way. Seen many of supporters braveing the conditions. Seen many faces. The weather is terrible, with the wind down the beach making it even hard. This point the elite runners doubling back on us. You can see how fit they are, running flat out.

Mile 9. Mud just mud. This path has had a battering from runners and now we’re on it. Running so hard whilst your legs are sticking to the path.

Mile 11. After about 2 miles of mud. I am now struggling. My legs are tight, the route is now uphill. Many runners you can see. Broken, many are broken but you still see there determination. Trying so hard to continue. Run, walk, run, walk probably doing this for the next 2 miles.

Mile 13. The toughest course I’ve done so far. The long road that’s uphill for half a mile then down hill for the rest. I’m soaking wet, freezing, legs tiring and covered in mud. I see my family taking pictures and videos. They motivated me so much towards the last mile. When I saw them last push. Everything I had.

FINISHED 2:17:50

All in all great day. Really pushed me. The hardest thing I have ever done. First race done. And did I mention MUD.


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