Doubt is a strange thing. Doubt always makes you think in a negative light.

There’s many questions that pose when doubt comes to mind

Can I get that promotion?

Will the weather be bad?

Will we win?

Can I do the job?

Will I lose the weight?

Will my bet come in?

Will I run the half marathon?

Whenever those questions come in to mind. We are always thinking in a negative mode and over think every aspect. We think of every reason why we shouldn’t do things or why it wouldn’t work.

The trick is to overcome it and think of the reasons why we should. If you look at Barcelona, they created history by coming from behind and winning. Not once did they doubt it.

Overcoming doubt is a hard thing to do. Once you start doubting then you start to feel down, miserable and lazy.

Once you start thinking of reasons why you should then it makes life easier.


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