Week 9 and so it begins….

So I’ve had this idea to document each week as it comes. Review the weeks progress. The training, raising money and other aspects. Kinda gutted starts at week 9 but you know better late and all that.

This week I managed to run the distance of 26 and a bit miles. Saturday was my longest distance to date, 16 miles. The weather was extremely bad which made me motivated even more to work harder.

Was the first time using water and gels on the run. That will take getting use to in its self. Didn’t feel to bad the next day felt stiff a bit. Espicially in the calfs. 

Few days later managed to run 10 miles before work. Still struggling on mile 10. Goes on for ever and ever. 

I’ve started reading more and watching videos of a guy called the ginger runner. He started doing small runs and started documenting it. Then he progressed into marathons then ultras and beyond.

He documents everything from the equipment he wore to what he eat and films the races itself. Kinda inspires me a lot to move from just doing small runs to marathons. And by documenting everything you can see the change yourself.

Beachfit was fun Friday. I only managed to make Friday this week due to work. Glad I went there was a special atmosphere to the session. There was a new person so everyone welcomed her, made a real effort. The session was intense but no moans everyone got on with it. Was a huge team spirit. Many of the girls completed the invincible yesterday, all done themselves proud.

A good friend of mine recently came back from working abroad. He’s had a promotion so he’s  going back soon. He won’t be back for about ten months so I’m excited for him to come back to see the change. 

So on to a new week. Here goes………


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