Love a bit of beachfit

I do love a bit of beachfit. Learning to love the lunge.

So I joined beachfit just before Christmas. Was only doing some running and the odd bit in gym. Then I got involved in beachfit. I knew many who went before and mentioned how hard the sessions were and what they offer.

I felt excited and found the difficulty of the sessions intriguing. Cause it’s not just the tough excercises you have to deal with, it’s also the weather. Yes weather is big factor. That’s what excited me most. I struggled to do anything when the weather was cold or raining.

This year I have a lot of challenges and the beachfit sessions are there to improve.

I run a lot, so the sessions for me will help with my core strength, fitness and lose some weight. Although the weather was a big deciding point.

I’ve been to many sessions where it’s hammering down, strong winds and freezing cold nights. And you are on the floor soaking wet doing sit ups, Russian twists or planks. The weather doesn’t come in to your mind at all then. You feel an amazing achievement when you finish a tough session.

I’ve felt my fitness improving already, it’s only been 3 months lost a few pounds and looking into eating better. Ran my first 16 miles last week in awful conditions all because of beachfit.

The instructor takes no prisoners. He is all for possitivity and results. As I write this my legs are still sore from last nights session. Any negative attitude means more burpees.

Every session is different. It’s all about body weight exercises and results. From sit ups, to press ups, to v sits, to mountain climbers all the way to pike press ups. Three times a week 7pm-8pm.

The people are nuts. Proper mad. But great. There’s even guys running round as a warm up before the session. I know nuts right.

As soon as you turn up they’re welcoming and friendly. And it’s great community in it’s self, it’s not just a fitness class. First session is free. Once you go your hooked. You even get a cool t shirt for joining. It’s three times a week. Enough chance to give you a rest between each session. Espicially after the lunges.

I know I’m only 3 months in and far away from where I want to be right now. But already seeing differences now. So in many months time will be even better.

Try a free session here. You won’t regret it.


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