Fuck it……

It’s amazing how a split second decision can make your life better… How many times have you thought about doing something and then didn’t because of the repercussions? Many How many times have you stopped and thought of every different outcome? Many We are always scared of the outcome wether it’s better or worse for […]

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Off plan……

From the day I signed up to do these marathons I was on a plan I was in a routine. I knew what I was doing and when I was training. After a lot of, well let’s say slow progress. I seem to be in a stew. I am at the point where in less […]

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What I’ve found in the last few hours, Is how good fitness and exercise can be as a distraction. Not necessary a bad distraction but a beneficial one. Last few days have been tough and tonight I went for a run only 3 miles but my mind was elsewhere. I downloaded an audiobook for running […]

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Motivation. I had to be motivated to even write this. Yes it’s taken a few days. I suffer badly from not having motivation. There’s been many days when I put things off. I get up ready for a run. Then I just sit there. Thinking what shall I do, when shall I do it.  Sooner […]

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Week 10.

This week has been a mad week. Work was mad. Training was mad. Beachfit was even mad. Mad week really. Monday was a nice 3 mile run down to the dock and around before beachfit. Weather was mad very cold and windy. Monday was fitness assesment. A real tough one in beachfit. A hard session […]

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Llanelli half marathon…..

JUST FINISH. JUST FINISH. JUST FINISH. That’s all that was going through my mind. It’s Sunday the 12th of march. The first of many challenges this year. The LLANELLI HALF MARATHON. Woke up early, had breakfast. Started to get nervous. Once I put the vest and clothes on. It changed to excitement. I couldn’t wait […]

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Doubt is a strange thing. Doubt always makes you think in a negative light. There’s many questions that pose when doubt comes to mind Can I get that promotion? Will the weather be bad? Will we win? Can I do the job? Will I lose the weight? Will my bet come in? Will I run […]

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Week 9 and so it begins….

So I’ve had this idea to document each week as it comes. Review the weeks progress. The training, raising money and other aspects. Kinda gutted starts at week 9 but you know better late and all that. This week I managed to run the distance of 26 and a bit miles. Saturday was my longest […]

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Love a bit of beachfit

I do love a bit of beachfit. Learning to love the lunge. So I joined beachfit just before Christmas. Was only doing some running and the odd bit in gym. Then I got involved in beachfit. I knew many who went before and mentioned how hard the sessions were and what they offer. I felt […]

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