What was your time?

What was your time? Who cares.

Running for me is all about the distance. Can I run 4 miles, can I run 8 miles, can I run a marathon. Can I run 31 miles in a week.

A lot of people get caught up in times and pace. Yes pace is a good indicator on how far you come. How fit you are. Ultimately though it’s how far you run.

I’ve ran 16 miles on Saturday, 10 miles on Monday and will do 4 miles on Wednesday. I’m not having a lot of rest between each run. So ultimately my time is gonna suffer but my distance is getting greater.

If you’ve been for a run. How many times have you heard, How far did you run? Loads.

How many times have you heard, how fast can you run 4 miles? Never.

Coming up is the llanelli half marathon. I can imagine everyone’s sole goal is finishing the race. Running the distance of 13 miles. Longest for many or even your experienced runners. Maybe people first marathon or peoples first marathon in few years. It’s a big day, it’s a great atmosphere.

Everyone is turning up to run 13 miles. The time they do it in is just a bonus and if they beat there personal best then happy days.

People will turn up aiming for a time, ok fair enough. But if you don’t beat your personal best or the time you set is it a failure? You’ve run 13 miles but is it a bad 13 miles?


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