My 16 miler and fight with Dorris 

Instead of getting drunk and pigging out for my birthday. I kept it simple, food with family and prepared for my biggest run so far the next day.

The next day came. And the weather was awful. Like really awful. All you could hear from the window was just rain and the wind was so strong. Wind about 22 mph winds. Looked outside No one was in sight at all.

So that didn’t deter me. In fact it motivated me even more in fact. I thought that if I can do it in this weather. Then I should be prepared for pretty much anything.

Packed my running belt with gels and water. Packed my camera. And also my headphones just incase. Ive quite enjoyed running with no music, espicially the long runs. And off I went…

Started off very strong. First, second, third mile was easy just run down towards the llaneli beach, was raining but not heavy. As I reached the beach front then Dorris started to play up. Wasn’t to strong YET luckily.

Mile 4 came took my first gel. Was quite nice was expecting it to be horrible. As I toke the gel I gatecrashed the sospan 5k (I think it was). Everyone running towards me. Fair play all ages kids, adults etc. Loads of them. They were working hard as you could see.

Mile 7 came started to feel it now. Second gel. Just was coming up to burryport harbour then Dorris got stronger. It was hammering down at this point and the wind was so strong it was nearly knocking you off balance. Luckily the boats were a good distraction.

Mile 8. Now it was time to get back. And the thought of it was so daunting. I felt strong but I knew it would be hard as it would be against the strong winds and heavy rain.

Mile 10. This is normally when I struggle. Everytime i hit mile 10 everything slows down. Legs, calfs, thighs and energy. I toke another gel. Within a minute or so I felt good it really picked me up. I slipped a electrolyte tablet in my water bottle at this point so at mile 14-16 it will dissolved fully.

Mile 13. Done. Half marathon distance done. Now it was about extending my longest distance.

Mile 14. The longest mile I have ever faced. This point my legs were working but very slowly. The weather conditions had battered me. Everything was wet. Been running for about 3 hours now. 2 miles left. That’s all I kept think 2 miles left. 2 miles left. Over and over.

Mile 15. Now I am struggling I have no energy I’ve run out of gels and water. My thighs are killing as well as my calfs. Only mile left to go. I thought this would be a good time to put the headphones in.

Once the music kicked in I give that last mile everything I got. I felt really good. Unstoppable I knew it was the last mile. And that I’ve just done 15 miles so 1 more wasn’t going to kill me.

Mile 16. DONE. 3 hours 19.


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