26 years old. 26 miles.

So today is my birthday. Yes the big 26. Just over the quarter mark. While many thoughts would be on partying. My thoughts are on training and a big run tomorrow. We will get back to the that later on….

This time last year I had just given up smoking was my second month in. Started up running. Was coming along nicely. Started walking more. Started looking in to the food I was eating more.

Later that year I completed the swansea half marathon. Time was 2hours 12 minutes. My first half marathon. First time running 13 miles.

Now a year on I will be completing many events. Especially the Brighton marathon. This will be my first marathon. A total of 26 miles. Yes 26 years old running his first marathon 26 miles. Funny coincidence. Looking forward as well as nervous.

Also next month will be the first marathon of the year. The llanelli half marathon. March 12th. This is my first llanelli half marathon. This I will be looking to finish under 2 hours. I have already received my bib and I am so excited I can’t wait.


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