There he goes, this guy in is late 60s…. maybe even older. Running in the dark. In the freezing cold tempature. Absolutely pissing it down. Also running up one of the steepest hills around.

You look thinking to yourself and think can I moan about running in the cold, in the rain, in the morning or after work. When this guy is just smashing it.

This time last year I was seriously unfit, i had just given up smoking. And fast approaching 25 years old. Stuck in a routine go to work, go home, go to work on repeat.

I use to look at runners thinking Why? Why at night? Why in the dark? Why not on a treadmill? Why do you wear so much? Why on the pavement?

So I then started to taking up running.  Instantly fell in love with it. The beautiful scenery, the ability to push your mind as well as your body. The buzz you got from running a longer distance. The buzz you got from beating your own time. Looking for challenges.

Later in the year me i ran the Swansea half marathon. I got a huge buzz from it. Got hooked ever Since then.
It’s only until you start running yourself you can fully answer those questions. And instead you replace those questions with different ones….

How long has he been out running for? How far is he running? What’s is his pace? How many years has he been running? Does he enter races? Is it just a hobby? How often a week does he run? Does he do this route a lot?

Now this year I’m fast approaching the big 26. Ooooofff. BUT I’m Much fitter now than last year. Changing the routine to work, to run, to beachfit, to swim, to work etc. Being able to run 8 miles without stopping. Having more goals than just finishing a half marathon.

Now looking at raising money for charity, finishing a full marathon, running 3 half marathons. Running 1622 miles over a year. And having new questions….

Will I finish the half marathon under 2 hours? Will I finish a marathon? Will I raise enough money? Will I finish the year as a success? Will I enter more races? What’s next?


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